Add Multiple Users via CSV Upload

You can add multiple users at one time by uploading a spreadsheet.

Group Administrators can upload via the Add User to Group button in the Members and Permissions section of the Group Admin dashboard.

Content Manager can upload via the Add User... button in the Users tab of the Content Manager dashboard.

Spreadsheet format

The spreadsheet must be "CSV" (comma delimited) format, with one user per row.

  1. Select "Choose File" to select a file to upload.
  2. Press "Upload". The system will examine the provided file. Errors will be reported.
  3. If there are no fundamental errors in the file, you will be presented with a preview.
    • If we report something like, "Missing required field..." either you've not provided that information, or we cannot determine which column holds that information. This will occur if your header row is not the first row of the file.
  4. Review the preview, if we have misinterpreted the file (say, misidentifying a column) fix the file and try again. If an individual row has an issue, it will be displayed in RED and a message will be displayed in the second column.
    #First NameLast NameEmail
    1.Skipping header rowFirstLastEmail
    Note: "Skipping header row" isn't really an error, but you can see your how columns titles ("First", "Last, "Email") match up with columns we recognize ("First Name", "Last Name", "Email").
  5. If the preview looks good, double-check your selection for "Send email notification?" and then select Create Users
  6. After users are created, the pop-up will be replaced with the results.

For each row, if the user already exists, we will ignore the provided information: we will not "update" an existing user with information.

If the user does not exist, we'll create the user, update the user's profile with the provided information and, depending on the setting of "Send email notification?", notify the user.

To create a CSV file:

  • From Microsoft Excel: Select "Save As" and choose the CSV text format.
  • From Google Sheets: Select "Download As..." and choose "Comma-separated values."
  • From LibreOffice: Select "Save As" and choose the Text CSV option.
  • From Apple Numbers: Select "Peer To" and choose CSV option.

Most database applications can also export to CSV.

If you have the option, save the file encoded as "UTF-8" (this is the easiest way for us to handle accented letters properly.)

Column titles

First NameLast NameEmail

We read the first row of the spreadsheet as column titles and use these to map the provided the data to the correct place in this application. If you provide a column title we don't recognize, we'll simply ignore that column. Ignored columns will not be displayed in the preview.

Columns can be in any order, but there must be a column with the user's email. That's how we identify users. If you provide more than one row with the same email, we will mark, and ignore all but the first.

Required column titles:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email

Optional additional column titles:

  • Telephone
  • Company
  • Function
  • Website: Company URL
  • Title
  • LinkedIn: URL
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Biography
  • Expertise Level: If Expertise Level is supported, the level provided must match one of the pre-defined Expertise Levels (otherwise error will be displayed). If Expertise Level is not supported, this column is ignored.
  • Time zone: To see list of possible time zones, see the "Default Time Zone" drop down on your Settings page.
  • Visible: Set value (e.g., true, t, yes, Y, 1), to make user publically visible. Unset value (e.g. false, f, no, 0) to keep the user not publically visible. Leave blank for default for this site ("Visible").

One more column title trick: If your column title starts or ends with a plus sign ('+'), we'll add that column's information to the existing "Biography" column. This allows you to have multiple columns related to an individual's background, and we'll upload all of them into the single Biography field in the User's profile. Without the plus sign, the extra column(s) will be ignored.

BiographyFavorite Color+Email

Biography for John
Singer, dancer
Favorite Color: Blue
Biography for Mary
Favorite Color: Green

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